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There are many ways to contribute funds to Kingsley Elementary School

Currently the PTA and Kingsley endorses several non-invasive ways for our community to help raise funds for our school.  Be sure to check the labels of all the products you buy for education funding programs or codes that can be used to earn supplies and money for our school.

The reputation of a community’s school district has a significant impact on a community itself.  The programs listed on this page are free to participate in and add value to the school district and to its students’ education experience.  Please take the time to learn more about these programs and share this information with your friends and neighbors too!  All money and credits collected from the programs listed below go straight to Kingsley Elementary.  The Kingsley PTA does not benefit from these programs but we encourage everyone to participate. is one of the easiest ways to collect money for our school. Hundreds of everyday products have the pink Box Tops for Education coupons on them and additional products are added throughout the year. The coupons are worth 10 cents to 50 cents each, and some products feature bonus Box Tops containing multiple coupons on their packaging. Each school is eligible to raise up to $50,000.00 per year for their school. If you haven’t already joined, please click the link below to do so, or just collect Box Tops for Eduction coupons on the products you buy and give them to a parent of a Kingsley Elementary student. Monies earned by this program fund programs and improvements at our school.

Sign up for Boxtops4Education

At, their goal is to turn trash into profit while teaching kids and communities a lesson on how to reuse and recycle everyday items.  There are too many programs at to list.  The Kingsley Environmental Club collects all varieties of Capri Sun pouches that they send in to TerraCycle for recycling.  Each pouch is worth 2¢ and can add up over the course of a year.  Just bring your empty pouches to the front office, that’s all it requires.  Make sure to save them while at picnics and sporting events.

Terracycle Program

Coca-Cola has a rewards program for consumers, is their website.  Reward codes are printed inside plastic bottle caps, inside 12 and 24 pack cases and underneath the plastic wrapping of cases of Coca-Cola branded water.  Points can be donated to our school and are used to purchase supplies for the school.  To enter and donate points, users must sign up to participate in the program.  This is a free program, so make sure to collect those codes from ALL Coca-Cola products!

Target Stores offer two ways for its customers to contribute to the school of their choice, the Target Credit Card and the Target Check Card.  Using either card, Target will donate up to 1% of purchases to Kingsley.  If you shop at Target, this is yet another unobtrusive way to raise money for our school by using a Target Credit Card or Target Checking Card.  Click on the Target banner below to visit their sign-up page and to learn more about Target’s Take Charge of Education program.

Take Charge of Education is another opportunity to collect labels and submit them to the school to raise points for supplies for Kingsley.  Supplies are offered in three categories, Arts, Athletics and Academics.  A list of qualifying products is available to view as a PDF, and there’s a lot to choose from.  The most notable and most common for those with small children is Pepperidge Farm Goldfish brand snacks.